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Jordan Band & Guard Booster Club

Booster Mission Statement

The mission of the Band and Color Guard Booster Club is to continually support the visions of the directors and to support the students, directors and families of the High School Band and Color Guard in their goal to achieve the highest standards of music education and music performance; facilitate the musical enrichment of the student membership of the High school and its feeder schools; promote the place and value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of our children; and foster fellowship and goodwill among its members and provide its membership with opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

Booster Club Objectives

  • To arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various phases of the Music Department of the Katy Independent School District.

  • To lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to the Music Department of the Katy Independent School District.

  • To cooperate with those in charge of the Music Department and the Administration of the Katy Independent School District to the end that this Department shall enrich the students of KISD to the greatest degree.

  • To build and maintain an organization of parents that will help promote the general activities of the Music department of the Katy Independent School District.

  • Activities of the Booster Club shall not conflict with University Interscholastic League rules or Katy ISD policy.

The Jordan High School Band & Guard Booster Club is a non-profit organization that is funded wholly from fundraising efforts and individual parent donations.

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